At Beatific, we only produce the highest quality, cruelty free and vegan candles and wax melts, ensuring to only use the best ingredients and pouring them with care in small batches. 

We hand pour our candles in Royal Tunbridge Wells in the Garden of England, Kent, we take plenty inspiration from the incredible nature we are surrounded by. Being as environmentally friendly as possible is especially important to us, so we can help preserve and embrace the landscape we live in.

We have spent a long time working away, testing our wax and picking only the most beautiful scents for you to enjoy. These include sweet and floral scents through to woody and smokey fragrances, so you can find the perfect one to enjoy at home or to give to a loved one as a gift.

Giving back to our community and planet is one of our key beliefs. We will making a donation to a different charity each month to help support local, nationwide and global causes for animals, equality and the environment. If you have any recommendations of charities to support, please drop us an email or message to let us know!

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